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Symfony UK: October 2016 -Open API & Blackfire & phpspec

Symfony UK: October 2016 -Open API & Blackfire & phpspec

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We're a London community of Symfony developers committed to take PHP to the next level. Join us to deepen your Symfony knowledge, share your experience, or most importantly - meet other developers using the framework! Most of our meetups consist of a "formal part" where someone gives a previously prepared talk, followed by less formal and more social discussions.

20.Oct.2016 at 14:07 by Andrew Raines (5 comments) via Web2 LIVE (Feedback)

I enjoyed each of the speakers & their topics this time, from a content point of view this is definitely the best Symfony UK event I've been to. However, it unfortunately went on way too long. I prefer past events where we've had perhaps one long and two short talks, with a decent amount of networking time afterward at the venue.

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