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Drupal IronCamp

Drupal IronCamp

24.Nov.2016 - 27.Nov.2016
CVUT - Faculty of nuclear physics

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Drupal Iron Camp will hold its first event in Prague, Czech Republic in November 24–27, 2016. It is the kick-off event for an annual conference that will change location each year, and it’s organized by joint Drupal forces from all around Central and Eastern Europe.
The organizers’ goal is to put this geographical area on the Drupal map and to create a connection point for everyone in the Drupal world who is interested in what this region has to offer the field.
In November of this year we aim to make Prague the center of the Drupal ideology of ‘sharing is caring’, and all of our tracks and meetups are designed to strengthen this aim.
We expect to have 300 attendees throughout the four days, both from the organizing region’s countries, and from Western Europe and the US. With our affordable tickets, starting from €30 / $33 early bird prices for the four days, which includes lunch, snacks and coffee, we are giving everyone the opportunity to join us in the heart of Europe to celebrate Drupal together.
It’s a good opportunity to stay tuned to the latest things that are happening around the community and the project itself. The most influential speakers will come and share their experience, so you will get the best information first hand. You will also have the chance to meet the best Drupal companies. If you are looking for a new job or you need to hire talented Drupalers, this is the place to be!
We want it to be as cool as possible, to make it the one event of 2016 (and all upcoming years) that absolutely can’t be missed!


KEYNOTE The Future of Drupal (10:00)
Michael Schmid
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TALK Drupal 8 entity storage and real time notification (11:00)
Roy Segall
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TALK Slovak WordPress community (11:00)
Peter Nemcok
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TALK Drupal 8's Multilingual APIs: Building for the Entire World (12:00)
Christian López Espínola
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TALK Drupal stocks (12:00)
Kristijan Lukacin
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TALK Automatization in development and testing - within budget (12:00)
David Lukac
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KEYNOTE Drupal Contribution: Embrace the Community (14:00)
Emma Maria Karayiannis
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TALK Burnout at Scale (15:00)
Alina Mackenzie
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TALK Javascript testing cookbook (15:00)
Artem Miroshnyk
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TALK PHP-FIG: how the PHP world got off their islands (15:00)
Bart Feenstra
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TALK VersionPress – how WordPress guys do database version control (15:30)
Borek Bernard
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TALK Configuration Management: theory and practice (16:00)
Fabian Bircher
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TALK Usability for site builders and site administrators (16:00)
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TALK Spatial Drupal (16:00)
Floris van Geel
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TALK Beginner’s Guide to Single Page Applications with Drupal 8 + AngularJS (17:00)
Daniel Kanchev
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TALK How to create content layouts in Drupal 8 (17:00)
Josef Dabernig
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KEYNOTE Software management lessons from the 1960s (10:00)
Larry Garfield
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TALK How DrupalCI works (11:00)
Levi Govaerts
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TALK Create Drupal content by sending an email (11:00)
Miloš Bovan
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TALK Offline Drupal (11:00)
Theodore Biadala, Mathieu Spillebeen
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TALK How to mantain D7 & D8 versions of your modules concurrently (11:30)
Calin Marian
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TALK My Drupal 8 learnings as a site builder: Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Management & Display Suite (11:30)
Chandeep Khosa
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TALK The perfect task - There in no such animal! (12:00)
Amir Taiar
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TALK Querying and manipulating Drupal 8 via core REST and Waterwheel (12:00)
Dalibor Stojakovic
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TALK Docker for Drupal (12:00)
Mladen Đurić
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KEYNOTE Content creation UX wonderland Ask not what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community (14:00)
Janez Urevc
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TALK Websites you should build to understand Drupal better (15:00)
Aram Boyajyan
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TALK Short Twig recipes for Drupalers (15:00)
Tamás Hajas
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TALK Efficient development workflows with Composer (15:00)
Wolfgang Ziegler
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TALK Community Collaborations 101 (16:00)
Floris van Geel, Ruben Teijeiro
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TALK Search API ecosystem in Drupal 8 (16:00)
Joris Vercammen
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Michal Špaček
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