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Museum: Digital Transformation

Museum: Digital Transformation

24.Mar.2017 - 25.Mar.2017
Centro Arte e Cultura Firenze

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Content and multimedia communication as a challenge: opportunities – and risks – of the application of new communication tools to Culture.

How interactive content accompanies and enriches the user’s experience, from the interaction with the heritage of a museum to a whole “digital user experience”.

Your host(s):
Francesco Pallanti


WORKSHOP Impossible mission: designing and estimating applied games (10:00)
Pietro Polsinelli
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WORKSHOP How to … MuseoMix (10:00)
Fabio Fornasari, Elena Bertelli
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WORKSHOP A new way to tell old stories (14:30)
Pierpaolo Barresi
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WORKSHOP L’importanza della comunicazione Video, dall’Event Marketing ai video Storytelling (14:30)
Niccolo Divito, Matteo Gazzarri
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TALK Experience and Knowledge: the future of Museum through new technologies (10:00)
Timothy Verdon
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TALK Social Customer Service: digital customer service as an effective tool to interact and attract new visitors to museums. (10:00)
Paolo Fabrizio
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TALK Rijksstudio: making picture collections digitally available! (10:45)
Linda Volkers
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TALK Evolving the museum (10:45)
Alexander Neuwahl
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TALK Who is the audience for an encyclopaedic collection? Digital @ The Met (12:00)
Loic Tallon
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TALK The digital transformation of museums for new experiential cultural paths (12:00)
Tiziana Lombardo
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TALK Making works work – Listening and Learning in the Museum (12:45)
James Bradburne
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TALK Reloading history through video games (12:45)
Claudia Molinari, Matteo Pozzi
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TALK The evolution of the relationship between technology, entertainment and art and how the art can be considered like a consumer product thanks to dedicated marketing strategies. (14:30)
Simone Mazzarelli
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TALK Florence Cathedral Museum: 720 years of history in a constantly evolving app (14:30)
Matteo Papadopoulos
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TALK Applied and persuasive: playful learning (15:15)
Pietro Polsinelli
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TALK Project ARM, the innovative answer to the needs of museum-goers and monument visitors. (15:15)
Riccardo Napolitano
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TALK “For all studious and curious persons” – Social media and the British Museum (16:30)
Hannah Boulton, Kate Carter
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TALK How to understand new dynamics in travellers behaviours with data analysis (16:30)
Mirko Lalli
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TALK Connecting People with Art (17:15)
Mona Walsh
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TALK Can a BOT save your customer care? (17:15) Rating: 0 of 5 0
TALK ChatBot Integration: fast scaling to enterprise service desk. (17:30)
Paolo Serra
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TALK A goal without a plan is just a wish. Set a time to your goals. (17:45)
Davide Puzzo, Daniele Vinci
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SOCIAL EVENT Final plenary discussions (18:00)
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English language track with international guests (march 25)
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Italian language track with vertical technology guests (march 25)
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