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Talking Crypto @ In The Pocket offices

Talking Crypto @ In The Pocket offices

20.Sep.2017 - 20.Sep.2017
In The Pocket

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Blockchain, the next big thing? You might have heard from it. But do you also know what it entails and how it works, why is it blowing up? Some say it's the biggest tech revolution since the invention of the internet itself, and that might be true to some extent.

The money in crypto (currencies) went from 18 billion USD to +180 billion USD in the last 6 months alone. There's a huge opportunity, and we're here to talk a bit about it. The core concepts of Blockchain and high level how it works. But also about investing in crypto projects and how to make money from it.

Update: we added a third talk about the big crash happening in the last couple of weeks, what is happening exactly, why is everything tanking, should you be worried and selling or be happy & shopping?

- 19:00 - 19:30: All welcome, have a beer & say hi!
- 19:30 - 19:35: Introduction by In The Pocket
- 19:35 - 19:50: Blockchain basics
- 19:50 - 20:05: Collapse of crypto market last few weeks
- 20:05 - 20:20: Introduction to ICOs
- 20:20 - 20:30: Q&A
- 20:30 - ... : Hands on / have another beer?

See you soon!

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Wouter De Schuyter


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