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Web Summer Camp 2018

Web Summer Camp 2018

29.Aug.2018 - 01.Sep.2018
Lone Hotel

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Spend the last days of summer immersed in hands-on & engaging web-related workshops.

Web Summer Camp will for the 7th time be a gathering place for experts, experienced professionals, and young eager learners from all over the world.

Join us in Rovinj, Croatia, from 29th Aug till 1st Sept 2017. This is what it was like last year:


WORKSHOP Practical design patterns in PHP (09:30)
Hugo Hamon
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WORKSHOP Symfony 4 best practices (09:30)
Nicolas Grekas
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WORKSHOP How to build eZ Platform websites using Netgen open-source components (09:30)
Igor Vrdoljak, Mario Blažek
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WORKSHOP Productive development with Site API (13:30)
Petar Španja, Mario Blažek
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WORKSHOP Deep dive into Symfony 4 internals (09:30)
Tobias Nyholm
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WORKSHOP Extending eZ Platform (09:30)
Mikołaj Adamczyk, Dawid Parafiński
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WORKSHOP Pragmatic TDD (13:30)
Luka Mužinić
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WORKSHOP Code like a pro (13:30)
Stefan Priebsch
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WORKSHOP Web application security (10:00)
Anna Filina
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WORKSHOP Server side rendering of React with Symfony (10:00)
Nacho Martín
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WORKSHOP Netgen Layouts (10:00)
Edi Modrić
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WORKSHOP Knowing your state machines (14:00)
Tobias Nyholm
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WORKSHOP Using eZ Platform Cloud powered by (14:00)
Serhey Dolgushev, Chris Moutsos
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For the 2nd time in a row, frontend web professionals will participate in hands-on JavaScript-oriented workshops.
0 sessions
Hands-on workshops will be dedicated to PHP and its frameworks, especially Symfony, spread over two tracks. Learn more in the blog posts. There will once again be two PHP tracks this year – one will be oriented on the general PHP topics while the other will be more Symfony-oriented.
8 sessions
For the 7th time around, we will host experienced eZ experts with topics on the newest developments in the field.
5 sessions
Engaging workshops on the UX topic, spread over 3 days, will focus on user experience and user research topics.
0 sessions
A new track intended for web project leaders and decision makers imagined as a peer discussion group.
0 sessions

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