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CodeteCon #LBN2

CodeteCon #LBN2

12.Apr.2018 - 12.Apr.2018
Lubelskie Centrum Kultury

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After successful first edition we're here again! For now still with one track, but to prepare for the bright future we've changed the venue to Lubelskie Centrum Kultury.

Your host(s):
Maciej Malarz


TALK Frontend and Machine Leaning (18:00)
Patryk Omiotek
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TALK Apache Spark by example (18:45)
Piotr Hejwowski
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TALK Architektura z bliska i daleka (19:50)
Paweł Janusz
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TALK Jak dogadywać się z obcymi formami inteligencji (20:35)
Sławomir Sobótka
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TALK Moda marketingowa 2017/2018 (21:20)
Agnieszka Krawczyk
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TALK Fluid Typography w RWD (21:30)
Arkadiusz Krakiewicz
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TALK Why shouldn't you use AI in your business? (21:40)
Kacper Łukawski
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