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Dev Day 2018 in Berlin

Dev Day 2018 in Berlin

26.May.2018 - 26.May.2018

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DEV DAY on May 26, 2018 in Berlin

Celebrating Software Craftsmanship

Come and celebrate the future of modern commercial applications. Meet fellow developers of all experience levels. Exchange your knowledge and learn about the most exciting technologies, frameworks and stacks to work with.

>> What’s it all about?

The day is massively packed with talks on:

> Large scale machine learning
> Improving Developer UX with CI/CD pipelines
> Enabling modern SPAs using full stack backends
> What you can do with serverless software
> Next generation programming languages
> Bot logic for semantic releases
> The battle between good code vs. dirty code

or, if you're more into catchy keywords: React, SPAs, AWS Lambda, Laravel, Kubernetes, Elixir, Redis

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