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Bristol DevOps meetup

Bristol DevOps meetup

27.Jun.2018 - 27.Jun.2018

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19:00: arrive

19:00 - 19:25: Grab a beer, some pizza and some networking with peers

19:25 - 20:00: Lee Myring will deliver a talk on 'Log aggregation using Elasticsearch, Fluentd/Fluentbit and Kibana (EFK)'. This will be a brief overview of log aggregation using EFK with a demo using a local docker/minikube development setup as a test environment.

20:00 - 20:30: Richard Donkin will deliver a talk on 'How Serverless Changes DevOps'

Summary: What does Serverless mean for DevOps, in practical terms? While Serverless does reduce the need for server-centric DevOps, it poses new challenges in many areas including security, app deployment and cloud resource provisioning, partly due to an explosion of "nanoservices". Based on a current project using AWS, we cover relevant tools, techniques and tips to deliver a smooth serverless experience for development through to production.

Lee bio: Lee transitioned from his early IT life as a Microsoft developer into DevOps contracting via release and deployment management roles. He has worked predominantly in the AWS and Chef ecosystems but more recently has started working with Ansible, GCP and Kubernetes.

Richard bio: Richard Donkin is an experienced DevOps consultant and engineer, working as a contractor, using DevOps techniques and tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Docker and Serverless Framework. He works mostly on cloud platforms such as AWS, using Linux, Docker and Serverless.

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