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Software Crafters Barcelona 2018

Software Crafters Barcelona 2018

29.Sep.2018 - 30.Sep.2018

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Software Crafters Barcelona is a two day event which aims to attract and connect software development professionals, who feel passion for their work and share the values and principles of the Crafters movement.

It aspires to be a meeting place that facilitates the magic of learning, teaching and collaboration, where participants create a gratifying and enriching experience.

It doesn't matter who you are, your knowledge level or your favorite programming language. We encourage you to participate if you:

- are passionate about software.
- want to be involved, or are already involved, in the Software Crafters movement.
- want to share your knowledge, experience, or skills.
- enjoy learning by helping others and believe that sharing is key to your own progress.

In addition to technical contents, it will be fun. There will be beers, and we'll have stimulating conversations late into the night. Software Crafters Barcelona is an opportunity to meet new friends, face new challenges while learning and further improve your skills. Join us!

Your host(s):
Javier Ferrer González


TALK A cowgirl journey (10:00) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Todo lo que podría salir mal, ha salido mal con D3 y grafos (10:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Automatiza y vencerás! (10:00) Rating: 4 of 5 1
TALK Continuous Deployment With Jenkins X And Kubernetes (10:00) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Mide más y sufre menos (11:30) Rating: 4 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Keep calm and do a great presentation (Workshop) (11:30)
Laura Lacarra Arcos
Rating: 5 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Playing with IoT and planes (Workshop) (11:30)
Javier Gómez
Rating: 4 of 5 4
TALK Communication Antipatterns and where to find them (11:30) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Acercándonos a la Programación Funcional ? a través de la Arquitectura Hexagonal ? (12:30)
Juan Manuel Serrano, Javier Ferrer González
Rating: 4 of 5 2
TALK The Science of Not Estimating (12:30)
Anemari Fiser, Javi Sánchez
Rating: 4 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Open Space (15:00)
Rating: 4 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Open Space (17:30)
Rating: 0 of 5 0


TALK Dame tus tipos Pegaso (10:00)
Jorge Juan Barroso Carmona
Rating: 5 of 5 1
TALK Del CSS semántico a utility-first: nuestro viaje hacia un CSS comprensible y reusable (10:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Texturas (10:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Reactive microsystems (10:00) Rating: 3 of 5 Slides available 4
TALK Culture: engine and stopper of changes (11:30) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Machine Learning para optimizar imágenes (11:30) Rating: 5 of 5 1
WORKSHOP Kubeflow: Escalando tus modelos de tensorflow con kubernetes (Workshop) (11:30)
Laura Morillo
Rating: 3 of 5 2
TALK Calisthenics - Smells - SOLID - Cohesion / Cupling connecting the dots (11:30)
Pedro Santos
Rating: 4 of 5 7
TALK Serverless Programming for implementing Active Security in a microservices world (12:30) Rating: 5 of 5 1
TALK Spending $34.66 for saving $150,000.00 a year in AWS (12:30) Rating: 4 of 5 1
TALK Developer Responsibility Principle (12:30) Rating: 4 of 5 3
TALK MVP & FRP for a controllerless architecture (15:00) Rating: 3 of 5 1
TALK Retos en el desarrollo de un videojuego HTML5 para una principiante (15:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
WORKSHOP Cambios en paralelo. Cambios grandes, pasos pequeños (Workshop) (15:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Kubernetes in Startups vs Enterprise: Using Custom Resources to extend workflow (15:00) Rating: 2 of 5 2
TALK Operational Serverless (16:00) Rating: 4 of 5 3
TALK Creating a web browser game with websockets (16:00) Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Istio Service Mesh & pragmatic microservices architecture (16:00)
Alex Soto
Rating: 4 of 5 2
TALK Mi Monolito Mola Mucho (17:30) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Case Study: Practical tools and strategies for tackling legacy practices and legacy systems in a fast-growing startup (17:30) Rating: 5 of 5 4
TALK Powerpoint karaoke (17:30)
Laura Morillo
Rating: 5 of 5 2
TALK Timeless Streams (17:30) Rating: 4 of 5 3

01.Oct.2018 at 12:04 by nyan dev (7 comments) via Web2 LIVE (Feedback)

Felicidades por el exitazo de este año! Organización super eficiente, timing perfecto, sillas suficientes, charlas maravillosas! Muy acertado el schedule en la acreditación, súper práctico no solo para verlo tu sino tambien para mostrarlo a otros y hablar sobre lo que ha ido a ver o lo que va a ver cada uno. La cena super guay, un sitio impresionante. La camiseta chulísima!!
Como ponente me sentido super arropada y ayudada en todo.

Cosas a mejorar: Habilitar un espacio para que la gente pueda dejar sus maletas, micros de colgar, aire acondicionado horrible, he dejado de ir a algunas charlas porque el frío de la sala era insoportable, comida de los breaks mejorable (pero no estaba mal).

Nos vemos en la siguiente!

Reactive microsystems Ignasi Marimon-Clos Slides
Track 1 Apiumhub
Session types: Only talks Sessions language: Spanish Location: Aula 1
11 sessions
Track 2
Session types: Talks mainly. 1 workshop on Saturday Sessions language: Spanish Location: Aula 1
10 sessions
Track 3
Session types: Workshops mainly. 1 talk on Saturday, and another one on Sunday Sessions language: Spanish Location: Sala Raval
8 sessions
Track 4 (English)
Session types: Only talks Sessions language: English Location: Mirador
11 sessions

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