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PHPers Day 2019

PHPers Day 2019

02.Mar.2019 - 02.Mar.2019
Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny

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We are pleased to announce PHPers Day in Gdańsk - #PHPersDay2019. The conference will take place in Gdański Park Naukowo Technologiczny on Saturday, March 2nd.

The idea of the conference, born after PHPExpo 2019 in Ostróda, was cancelled (which is quite sad). Nevertheless, we have decided that we will try to do a community event instead and we have managed to invite some of the speakers from cancelled PHPExpo, such as: Derick Rethans, Johannes Pichler, Chris Holland, Kat Zień.

PHPers Day will be a whole-day conference focused on community and networking.

Your host(s):
Leszek Prabucki


SOCIAL EVENT Registration/Rejestracja (09:30)
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SOCIAL EVENT Otwarcie / Opening (10:00)
Leszek Prabucki, Kamil Szarmach
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TALK (Understanding) OAuth2… for real? (10:15)
Johannes Pichler
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TALK Xdebug (11:15) Rating: 0 of 5 0
TALK Feature Toggle (12:15)
Karol Kreft
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KEYNOTE Keynote: Taming Change (13:15)
Chris Holland
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TALK Strangler Pattern (14:45)
Michał Kurzeja
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TALK Drupal 8 - komponenty symfony na sterydach (złoty sponsor) (15:45)
Tomasz Wodzikowski
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TALK TBA (16:20)
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TALK Two layers of software development: Process and product (17:20)
Agata Sobek
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