About Joind.in and How To Get Help

Joind.in is a community project; the software is open source and the site is free to use. It is built and maintained entirely by volunteers (and more help is always welcome). We've created guides for various types of user, pick from the list to find the information you need.

Event Organiser

We have a comprehensive guide for all event admins and prospective event admins. If there's anything at all that you can't find there, just let us know!


Speakers can get a lot from joind.in by claiming their talks, publicising the links, and adding slides to the talk after the event. Read our guide for speakers for details.


For all users, including speakers and event organisers, you can find out all about your joind.in account in our user's guide


If you have a smartphone, checkout the applications we have available for various mobile devices:

We have two APIs - an older one and a new RESTful API as well. If you want to use the data from joind.in elsewhere, then take a look at the API Documentation. For easy inclusion of talk ratings on your event site, we have some javascript widgets ready for you to drop in.

If you still have questions or comments, then please do contact us

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