for Speakers is a project started by speakers, and in some sense it is for speakers as well. If an event uses, you will know how your session went, what worked and what didn't, and in a short timescale - which is a pretty different experience from what happens when paper forms are in use! On this page you'll find everything you need to know about working with your talks

Claiming a Talk as Your Own

We won't link your talks to your account automatically, but you can claim the talks you've given at any of the events listed on To do this, visit the talk page, and click on "Claim Talk". You'll be emailed when your talk claim is approved by the event administrators

Editing Your Talk

Once your claim is approved, the event will link your name back to your account page, showing your previous talks, and you will have access to edit all the details on your talk. To add your slides after the event, edit the talk and add the link to the slides at the bottom of the form

Accessing and Sharing Speaker Information

You can give your user page on as your credentials as a speaker. This will list all the talks that you've claimed, and allows people (perhaps organisers of future conferences) to see the feedback you have on your previous talks. It also means you can revisit and review this information at any time.

Tips for Great Feedback

Our experience is that the more feedback you can get from an audience, the better chance you have to improve. To encourage feedback, try these ideas:

  • Include the link to the talk page in your slides
  • (use the quicklink or QR code from the talk page to make this even easier!)
  • Uploading your slides to the page will bring more people to it and they will be promted to leave feedback
  • You can tweet the URL after your talk too, using the hashtag of the event

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