User's Guide to

Registering an Account

It is free to register on, simply click on the "Register" button in the top right, and add your details.

Linking to Twitter

You can add your twitter account in your user profile, simply click on "Account" at the top right, then use the "Manage account" tab. Enter your twitter name and save the record. Sharing your twitter nick is a great way to find people on twitter at the same event as you

Adding an Avatar

All the avatar images on are from Gravatar - simply register an avatar there (with the same email address you use for and your avatar will appear on your account page and with all your comments on

I Forgot My Password/Username/Email Address

Don't panic! You can request a new password from any of the login forms, and you need to supply either your email or username to do this (if you're not certain of one, simply supply the other). If you get stuck or you've changed your email address or something, then let us know and we'll make sure you can get access to your account

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