Continuous Integration in PHP

Keith Casey (06.Feb.2014 at 09:00, 3 hr )
Workshop at SunshinePHP 2014 (English - US)

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Continuous Integration in PHP

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06.Feb.2014 at 13:19 by Ian Littman (55 comments)

Might be useful next time to have an "installation FAQ" to avoid spending quite as much time in dependency hell. Though I did get stuff (mostly) working to the point that I saw the benefit to using Jenkins based CI.

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06.Feb.2014 at 14:09 by Adrian Burden (39 comments)

Thanks Keith, learned more than expected. Plus the many forms of bottle openers!

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07.Feb.2014 at 09:12 by Byron Nagi (1 comments)

A very good talk!

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07.Feb.2014 at 09:40 by Monika (1 comments)

It was great. A lot of knowledge and fun and the same time. Thanks!

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07.Feb.2014 at 11:21 by Marc Seiler (17 comments)

Great talk, learned a lot about Jenkins and CI

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07.Feb.2014 at 14:50 by Robert Labrie (8 comments)

Good talk, great overview of a lot of good tools. Part of me wishes you had everyone download some virtual box .ova file before hand but I think you learn more installing the software and resolving the inevitable dependency hell.

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07.Feb.2014 at 22:47 by Thomas Misilo (11 comments)

Great talk, a lot of useful information. It might be worth downloading the plugins and putting them on the USB drive ahead of time, along with the installers.

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10.Feb.2014 at 09:18 by sandeep (1 comments)

great presentation.

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10.Feb.2014 at 13:34 by Kyle Reeves (5 comments)

Great talk over CI. A workshop like this that targets all of these differently platforms couldn't have gone any better, so even though we ran into slow-downs, I believe most were able to get up and going. As another person suggested, perhaps a little pre-requesite for the talk should be getting Jenkins up and going. If that was a pre-req and I missed it, then my bad.

Otherwise, it was informative and entertaining and definitely left me wanting to get Jenkins setup for my next big project.

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10.Feb.2014 at 14:02 by Rolian Ruiz (2 comments)

I really enjoyed your workshop. It was an excellent work. I'm trying to setup my environment in order to put in practice what you teached us about Jenkins and CI. Really thanks for the knowledge and your advises.

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13.Feb.2014 at 03:46 by Thijs Feryn (187 comments)

I really liked this workshop: I always wanted to implemente Jenkins and now I had the opportunity. I also like Keith as a speaker because he is knowledeable and entertaining.

In the beginning I didn't really know what to expect and I got bored looking at slides about PHP metrics. But it was all part of a larger plan that unfolded the last hour of the workshop. The last hour of the workshop was used to show us that installing and configuring Jenkins can be painful and it was.

But in the end everything worked out and we had a bunch of nice plugins all working together, producing the output we expected.

Although I was somewhat anxious to get into the actual process of configuring Jenkins, Keith made sure the necessary theoretical information was provided before we dove into the nitty gritty.

Next time around I would hope to see a bit less about metrics and I'd hope that Keith focusses more on packaging and deploying.

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