Code Obfuscation, PHP Shells & More

Mattias Geniar (12.Feb.2014 at 20:30, 1 hr )
Talk at PHPBenelux meetup Hasselt 2014 (English - US)

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Code Obfuscation, PHP Shells & More

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12.Feb.2014 at 23:28 by Bart Van Den Brande (9 comments)

Interesting talk. Try to have less of the same examples... like the ch() thing. Personal stories make things have that "extra". Loved your slides. Clear, simple...

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13.Feb.2014 at 09:34 by Michelangelo van Dam (313 comments)

A very good talk on the "not so evident" aspects of security with clear examples. A job very well done!

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13.Feb.2014 at 10:47 by Thijs Feryn (187 comments)

5-stars, no doubt about that. Mattias really knows his stuff and showed us the dangerous world we live in. As a fellow webhoster, I agree with everything he had to say and I hope that developers realize that there's a lot of ugly tings happening out there.

This is definitely conference material and I would advise Mattias to submit this to other conference. I would vouche for this talk!

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13.Feb.2014 at 13:05 by Dries Vints (79 comments)

Great talk! Learned a bunch. Was very nice to see the dangers of insecure web applications. Thanks for the great talk.

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13.Feb.2014 at 13:53 by Kenneth Schabrechts (55 comments)

As a developer this was an eye-opener! A very informative and clear talk with a nice set of slides.

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13.Feb.2014 at 17:55 by Claes Gwen (1 comments)

About the slides... Can i find them online ?

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