Unleash Postgresql features in your PHP developments.

Grégoire HUBERT (18.Mar.2014 at 14:00, 45 min)
Talk at PHP North East Conference 2014 (English - UK)

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Unleash Postgresql features in your PHP developments.

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Rating: 4 of 5

18.Mar.2014 at 15:46 by Petra Dreiskamper (90 comments)

Good talk about using all the really cool stuff in Postgresql and not being limited - for instance - to using only what's implemented in PDO. The talk gives a good insight into the powerful functions available in postgres when using a different approach to modelling.

Very inspirational to hear someone speak about it so passionately as well.

Rating: 3 of 5

20.Mar.2014 at 10:32 by Jeroen van Dijk (79 comments)

It's good to see someone so passionate about a technology that you don't hear a lot about in the PHP eco-system.

Watch out though for selling POMM to obvious because sometimes it felt like a sales pitch.

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