Deploy a PHP Application on Google App Engine

Michele Orselli (16.May.2014 at 17:00, 30 min)
Talk at phpDay 2014 (English - US)

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Deploy a PHP Application on Google App Engine

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Rating: 4 of 5

17.May.2014 at 01:19 by Daniele Donnini (15 comments)

What I learn the most comes from the last question: "For what kind of applications is the Google App Engine PHP support for?"
Michele: "mmmmmmm.. something that doesn't writes stuffs on the file system".
Thanks, I think I won't spend my time trying it!!

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17.May.2014 at 15:39 by Slobodan Stanic (17 comments)

Saved a lot of time for the people that wanted to try this service.

Rating: 4 of 5

17.May.2014 at 22:37 by cirpo (32 comments)

Nice and clear overview of PHP and Google App Engine.

Rating: 2 of 5

18.May.2014 at 00:38 by Lucio Di Matteo (29 comments)

Spending time hearing about something meaningless it's not a big deal, in my opinion...

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18.May.2014 at 08:27 by Anonymous

Rating: 4 of 5

18.May.2014 at 12:23 by Francesco Tassi (53 comments)

An honest overview about GAE, about its pros and cons, I liked it and found it really useful.

Rating: 4 of 5

18.May.2014 at 19:42 by Francesco Face (40 comments)

Clear overview of Google AppEngine, that has too much limitations in my opinion.

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19.May.2014 at 10:20 by Giorgio Beggiora (56 comments)

Important things learned about limitations, now that i know them i can try the service with the power of knowledge!

Rating: 4 of 5

19.May.2014 at 14:14 by Alessandro Ronchi (58 comments)

The talk was very useful to understand GAE limitations.

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