The State of Full Disk Encryption

Hugh Davenport (06.Nov.2014 at 11:30, 30 min)
Talk at Open Source Developers' Conference 2014 (English - UK)

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The State of Full Disk Encryption

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Rating: 5 of 5

06.Nov.2014 at 13:44 by Katie McLaughlin (22 comments)

Informative and good discussions. Being told that the presenter was able to reproduce the "cold boot" method was very impressive, yet scary, but reenforcing the necessity for encryption.

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07.Nov.2014 at 13:06 by Fraser Tweedale (13 comments)

Great overview of technologies, attacks and countermeasures.

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10.Nov.2014 at 12:25 by Ben Dechrai (38 comments)

Hugh's talk covered the issues and benefits of full disk encryption in a very easy to digest manner, suitable for all levels of knowledge. While some aspects of the talk conveyed situations that ought to create a high degree of concern, they were portrayed in a way that provided counter-measures. The lack of sensationalism was noticeable.

I'm sure everyone learned something, especially given revelations in the past 12 months regarding national security on the one hand, and vulnerabilities in security software on the other. Very well presented.

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