Composer Best Practices

Jordi Boggiano (08.Nov.2014 at 14:45, 1 hr )
Talk at True North PHP 2014 (English - UK)

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Composer Best Practices

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Rating: 5 of 5

08.Nov.2014 at 15:28 by Vic Metcalfe (6 comments)

Thanks Jordi, now I finally understand the ~ version thing. It was also great to learn about the @dev override. Thanks for the great talk and all your work on Composer and other open source goodies. I really appreciate everything.

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08.Nov.2014 at 15:29 by Anonymous

the talk focused primarily on release etiquette (tagging and versioning), and didn't cover the breadth I was expecting. I'm sure there are many other "Composer Best Practices" that could have been covered.

The Q&A session after the talk was better, as it's rewarding to hear reactions from Jordi about these projects he's so intimately involved with which we've all embraced.

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08.Nov.2014 at 17:09 by Ben Ramsey (48 comments)

I enjoyed the content and delivery of Jordi's presentation. I think it could be improved with a few more best practices and examples.

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12.Nov.2014 at 13:14 by Anonymous

One of my favourite talks of the conference, just because of the discussion style approach and how it was guided mostly by what the audience wanted to know more about. Learned a lot of cool things!

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