Automating DB changes with Phinx

Dan Holmes (03.Dec.2014 at 18:45, 45 min)
Talk at KCPHP User Group - December 2014 (English - US)

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Automating DB changes with Phinx

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Rating: 4 of 5

03.Dec.2014 at 21:45 by Eric Poe (96 comments)

Well done! Since my team are about to migrate data from an old site to a new site, this talk was timely. Phinx looks like an interesting tool to look into in more detail.

You did a great job of discussing the alternative ways we all do data migration before launching into what makes Phinx such an interesting tool. I appreciate that you mentioned at least one room-for-improvement in Phinx.

You also recognized a missing slide near the end (Phinx status after a rollback).

This talk just needs a little bit of polish to be perfect. Good job!

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