Profiling PHP: A dive into your application

Dennis de Greef (11.Mar.2015 at 21:15, 45 min)
Talk at WordPress Meetup Nijmegen March 2015 (Dutch)

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Profiling PHP: A dive into your application

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Rating: 4 of 5

12.Mar.2015 at 00:58 by Omar Reiss (18 comments)

Very nice introduction about profiling in PHP. I think it was very accessible for both more and less experienced devs. Happy with the PHPStorm-Xdebug example. I'll definitely go and check that out. Nice to be reminded about XHProf and xhgui as well.

I also liked criticism on xhgui for being coupled to Mongo. I think talks should have critical notes like that more often. Your composer package with different storage adapters for XHProf sounds really interesting.

Just one remark: I would have liked to see a more compelling example of performance optimizations that can be achieved with profiling. Maybe you could have borrowed Davey Shafik's WordPress example for that?

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12.Mar.2015 at 11:47 by Danny van Kooten (3 comments)

Qua inhoud een hele goede talk die 'n mooi overzicht geeft van het profilen van PHP applicaties.

Mooi dat deze talk op 'n WordPress meet-up stond, er zijn naar mijn weten wereldwijd echt maar 'n handjevol developers binnen de WordPress wereld die tools als XHProf gebruikt hebben. Met plugins die op 100.000'en websites gedraaid worden echt geen overbodige luxe, ook al is de winst maar "enkele procenten". :)

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12.Mar.2015 at 16:16 by Rean (2 comments)

Prima talk, maar niet voor niets voor de advanced gebruikers

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12.Mar.2015 at 22:49 by Evelien Snel (2 comments)

Great talk. I will study the links in the presentation. I was happy with the reply to my question. I like to play the devil's advocate with my questions.

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13.Mar.2015 at 22:12 by Anonymous

High speed presentation (good to follow though). Very interesting and complete. Don't forget to breath every now and then ;)

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