After party presented by Sparefoot

(17.Apr.2015 at 17:00, 4 hr 30 min)
Social Event at Lone Star PHP 2015 (English - US)

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After party presented by Sparefoot

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Rating: 5 of 5

18.Apr.2015 at 09:51 by Elizabeth Marie Smith (69 comments)

Yummy root beer, yummy cider, yummy dinner (egg rolls!)


Rating: 5 of 5

18.Apr.2015 at 10:29 by Mathew Beane (9 comments)

Delicious beer, great people, and very well protected since the cops came after @jmikola's impromptu Lightning/Cloud Talk. Top notch afterparty.

Rating: 5 of 5

20.Apr.2015 at 10:28 by Chris Tankersley (107 comments)

It was so good the cops had to be called!

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21.Apr.2015 at 15:27 by Beth Tucker Long (35 comments)

Loved the wide variety of board games available to play. Omni's brews were all fantastic!

Rating: 5 of 5

22.Apr.2015 at 08:13 by Jeremy Ward (94 comments)

The only thing this afterparty was missing was those who didn't go. Great food, drinks, and camaraderie!

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26.Apr.2015 at 21:44 by Eric Poe (94 comments)

Thank you, Sparefoot, for sponsoring this after-party. I really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere you provided to meet interesting people and join in some great discussions. Omni's beers were definitely a bonus!

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