Kore Nordmann (15.May.2010 at 10:30)
Talk at phpDay 2010 (English - UK)

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Rating: 5 of 5

15.May.2010 at 15:06 by Memi Beltrame (2 comments)

beside giving a great overview on couchDB i especially like the radablility of the code examples, a shining example!

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15.May.2010 at 16:18 by Daniel Londero (74 comments)

Great talk, it's true. Also great project. I need to change my mind after years of RDBMS to see how to fit a classic web project on an No SQL solution like CouchDB. I'll try it very soon. Good luck for the future!

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15.May.2010 at 22:35 by Federico Busetti (6 comments)

Good project explanation, anyway didn't see performance comparison vs. other soluctions.

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16.May.2010 at 10:34 by Giuseppe Rota (36 comments)

A good introduction to the topic, made me wish the talk had been a couple of hours longer in order to flesh out all the details of CouchDB with a more complete overview of the pros and cons (the results of the design tradeoffs) of the product.

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