Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Developer

Yitzchok Willroth (04.Sep.2015 at 03:00, 40 min)
Talk at New Zealand PHP Conference 2015 (English - US)

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Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Developer

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Rating: 4 of 5

04.Sep.2015 at 09:52 by Anonymous

Inspiring talk. Thank you.

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04.Sep.2015 at 10:02 by Cam (2 comments)

Thanks for the great talk! A question popped into my head after you had finished (always the way). I wondered what you thought the characteristics of companies are that 'get it' and allow their employees to participate in open source communities as a part of their work?

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04.Sep.2015 at 10:21 by Katie McLaughlin (22 comments)

Yitz gets it. So much great advice, and a truly inspirational keynote.

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05.Sep.2015 at 11:00 by satrun77 (26 comments)

Best talk of the conference. Very inspiring to be better developer and person.

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07.Sep.2015 at 03:09 by Ben Dechrai (38 comments)

I thoroughly enjoyed, and was inspired by the way this talk drew comparisons as a way of communicating excellent advice to everyone in the room. In addition to learning more about another culture, I also felt I was guided through a road map that could boost success factors for the individual developer, as well as society in general.

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