Performance Testing for Modern Apps

Dustin Whittle (23.Nov.2015 at 14:00, 30 min)
Talk at Forum PHP 2015 (English - US)

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Performance Testing for Modern Apps

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Speaker comment:

23.Nov.2015 at 14:47 by Dustin Whittle (21 comments)

Slides are available here:

Feel free to reach out @dustinwhittle with any questions!

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23.Nov.2015 at 19:23 by Anonymous

Rating: 4 of 5

25.Nov.2015 at 13:57 by Cédric Lécuret (36 comments)

Thanks ! Great talk

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26.Nov.2015 at 10:49 by Sébastien VIANDE (16 comments)

Great talk! A lot of tools to study performance on frontend & backend.

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27.Nov.2015 at 09:48 by Marc Hugon (16 comments)

Thanks for all the tools you mentioned

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27.Nov.2015 at 14:35 by William Durand (39 comments)

Thanks for all the tools mentioned in your talk. Good talk.

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01.Dec.2015 at 13:49 by Hugo Briand (17 comments)

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