Diving into HHVM Extensions

James Titcumb (14.Nov.2015 at 15:00, 45 min)
Talk at Brno PHP Conference 2015 (English - UK)

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Diving into HHVM Extensions

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Rating: 5 of 5

14.Nov.2015 at 15:56 by Filip Procházka (4 comments)

Great talk, very informative, funny and it got a nice tempo! I enjoyed listening to you. Also... PHP 6 & Doctrine stickes!

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14.Nov.2015 at 16:05 by Martin Fris (5 comments)

Great idea and presentation!

Is there a plan to use this OpenGL extension in a real project? Like e.g. playing a game renderred on the server? (well, if php/hack is possibly fast enough for that...) Or is this meant to be just a fun project?

Speaker comment:

14.Nov.2015 at 17:01 by James Titcumb (280 comments)

@Martin this is just a fun project (link is: https://github.com/asgrim/hhvm-opengl by the way) BUT, yes, I've toyed with the idea of doing something more with it. It certainly is *possible* (you could create the application in PHP, render to a stream and the connect via socket)... whether that's a *GOOD* idea is a whole different question ;)

14.Nov.2015 at 17:06 by Martin Fris (5 comments)

@asgrim well, I've read about companies who tried to achieve somenthing similar (not in HHVM :)), so the idea migh not be that bad as well :)

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14.Nov.2015 at 18:42 by Nicola Pietroluongo (2 comments)

Good talk, nice demo and useful examples mixed with funny moments.

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15.Nov.2015 at 07:37 by Anonymous

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15.Nov.2015 at 07:39 by Anonymous

What a great talk, I really enjoyed it :)

Especially the last part with OpenGL rendered image.

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15.Nov.2015 at 09:32 by Joshua Thijssen (94 comments)

Excellent talk about - most likely - a very niche market. After a quick explanation about the different steps in compiling (php/hack) source code to actual runnable code, he showed the basics of writing a hhvm extension (sidenode: cmake is not only for c++) and continued with a real-life example in the form of openGL.

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19.Nov.2015 at 10:34 by Andrew Carter (16 comments)

Nice clear presentation that was easy to follow and had a nice progression.

I always knew that I would find this interesting but I originally thought that you might have picked a topic which was a bit niche for others (extension development and HHVM!).

Regardless, it's clear from the feedback that everyone was really interested by the insight you gave. Well done :)

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