Refactor, the third commandment

Nicola Pietroluongo (14.Nov.2015 at 16:00, 45 min)
Talk at Brno PHP Conference 2015 (English - US)

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Refactor, the third commandment

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Rating: 5 of 5

14.Nov.2015 at 17:04 by James Titcumb (280 comments)

Only caught the last 15 minutes, but what I saw was solid advice on refactoring and quality control :)

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14.Nov.2015 at 18:51 by Matyas Rak (6 comments)

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15.Nov.2015 at 09:34 by Joshua Thijssen (94 comments)

The talk has really good advice on how to refactor your code (and why).

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16.Nov.2015 at 11:11 by Michael (1 comments)

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17.Nov.2015 at 11:49 by Anonymous

Great talk, useful tips.

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17.Nov.2015 at 22:13 by Anonymous

Very nice presentation, we all appreciated your Italian accent :) Thanks

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