Kickass development environments with Docker

David McKay (04.Apr.2016 at 23:00, 1 hr )
Talk at PHP Dorset April 2016 (English - UK)

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Kickass development environments with Docker

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Rating: 4 of 5

05.Apr.2016 at 09:55 by Chris Sherry (80 comments) via Web2 LIVE

This was my very first introduction to Docker. I'm not very good with linux and servers so unfortunately I got lost quite early on in the talk. However, from talking to my colleagues, I think if I had taken a look at Docker before this talk that would have helped a lot so this is mostly my fault I think! Even so, just because I didn't walk away feeling I understood how Docker works, David certainly put across what it does well and why it is good, which is really the important bit to get me keen enough to start playing with it myself.

I think if once I've got stuck in, referring back to the slides from this talk are going to help me move through it quickly without getting stuck as the talk had lots of great insight and ways around the sticking points.

Thanks for coming to speak to us at PHPDorset!

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