Robust Second-factor Authentication with PHP

Tim Lytle (15.Dec.2016 at 20:00, 1 hr )
Talk at Nomad PHP December 2016 US (English - US)

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Single-use codes delivered by email and SMS, mobile phone verification using automated phone calls and installed applications, or standalone physical devices – there’s more than one way to do 2nd-factor authentication (2FA).

There are benefits – and downsides – to each. Learn how each one works and what is best for you and your users. Avoid some common mistakes when rolling out 2FA, and take a look at how you can add one, or many, to your application’s login flow.

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Rating: 5 of 5

16.Dec.2016 at 08:02 by Joe Ferguson (121 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Great talk giving really well detailed examples and explanations of different methods of doing second factor authentication.

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