State-of-the-Art PHP Deployment Training

Sebastian Bergmann , Arne Blankerts (22.May.2017 at 09:30, 7 hr 30 min)
Talk at php[tek] 2017 (English - US)

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This training covers the deployment of PHP applications, be it on a staging server, a production server, or a farm of production servers. You will learn how to set up a modern stack for operating PHP applications using NGINX, PHP-FPM, and FastCGI. The benefits of this setup include the ability to use different configurations for and versions of PHP for different parts of your application.

PLEASE NOTE: This full-day training class takes place on Monday, May 22nd before the conference, our Training Day. A specific ticket to this class must be purchased separately from your conference registration in order to attend it. A lunch is included in the ticket price.

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Rating: 4 of 5

22.May.2017 at 22:51 by Joshua Smith (13 comments) via Web2 LIVE

This was a great talk that taught me not only how important it is to automate the deployment process (largely to eliminate human error), but also took us through the process by actually doing it. Sebastian and Arne handled all our questions like pros who have helped teams do this for real projects many times before (because they have). They were personable and engaging presenters and we had a great time today.

While I'm not going to be able to implement a completely automated deployment with my existing application due to some legacy architecture decisions, I now have some great ideas for how to move forward.

Rating: 5 of 5

27.May.2017 at 22:20 by Andrew Carlson (2 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Arne and Sebastian did a great job leading this class. I learned many things that I should be doing to save myself from eventually making mistakes while deploying.

They covered how to deploy multiple versions of code at once, but not activating the new code until you're ready. I wish there could have been a follow-up class to go over how to manage the update process when you have to deal with databases, as I know there can be many gotchas with that.

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