Simple read models

Jildert Miedema (16.Mar.2017 at 19:30, 1 hr )
Talk at AmsterdamPHP Monthly Meeting - March/2017 (English - US)

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Nowadays everybody is talking about hexagonal architecture, domain driven design, cqrs and other "advanced techniques", which provides us with techniques how to discover and write domain logic. We also have the frameworks and packages which provides us with a big toolboxes. However, combining both leaves us with a lot of questions.

Do we need to rewrite our complete application? Do we need to ignore the tools the frameworks gives us. Can small and simple apps profit from these "advanced techniques"? etc.

A lot "advanced technique" talks focus on command bus, value objects, entities, event sourcing and other write stuff. However, this talk highlights the read side of the app. How can we build this in a well-designed way, even for "simple apps". How do these building blocks help us when the usage and requirements of apps grow. I will also show how this can be implemented in existing code without a lot of effort.

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