(08.Apr.2017 at 08:00, 1 hr )
Event Related at PHP Yorkshire 2017 (English - UK)

Rating: 4 of 5

Come down and get registered and settled in - tea and coffee is available, so don't be afraid to be here from 8am onwards, we're expecting you!

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Rating: 4 of 5

08.Apr.2017 at 09:13 by Gregory (8 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Standard quality & fast.

Rating: 3 of 5

08.Apr.2017 at 09:44 by Ishani Vardhan (6 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Good start!

Rating: 5 of 5

08.Apr.2017 at 14:08 by David Carr (40 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Really good introduction and clear plan of the day

Rating: 5 of 5

09.Apr.2017 at 04:08 by Emanuela Serra (8 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Quick picture of the day

Rating: 4 of 5

09.Apr.2017 at 08:58 by Elliot Ward (71 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Badges & bags handed out quickly, never even saw a queue, appreciate coffee being available & a nice space to socialise whilst waiting for the day to kick off.

Rating: 4 of 5

09.Apr.2017 at 09:33 by Alex Pott (3 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Had all the info we needed and the sponsor thing was short and sweet.

Rating: 4 of 5

11.Apr.2017 at 09:30 by Sean Nessworthy (14 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Friendly staff, didn't have my badge ready, had to print one out while my colleague's was already prepared.
Catering was friendly and the drinks offered were nice.

Rating: 4 of 5

11.Apr.2017 at 11:12 by Matthew Hargraves (8 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Good intro

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