Programming in Bash for Fun and Profit

Christopher William Pitts (14.Jul.2017 at 10:30, 50 min)
Talk at OpenWest Conference 2017 (English - US)

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Bash, the Bourne Again SHell, is an sh-compatible shell incorporating useful features from the Korn and C shells. It is the default shell in GNU/Linux, and has recently been added to Windows 10 in their Linux Subsystem for Windows update. Infamous for occassionally obtuse syntax and extreme pickiness about spaces, Bash is often overlooked as a useful tool for developers, generally relegated to a few shell commands in the command prompt. However, Bash's unique integration with the Linux operating system offers powerful opportunities for streamlining and enhancing a developer's workflow. Simple tweaks in a user's Bash configuration can save hours of development time, as well as helping the user be more aware of what is going on in the development environment. [165]

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