Building middleware applications with Zend Framework 3

Enrico Zimuel (13.May.2017 at 11:00, 2 hr )
Workshop at phpDay 2017 (English - UK)

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Zend Framework 3 offers a new package to write PHP application using a middleware approach. This new package is zend-expressive, a micro-framework supporting the PSR-7 standard. In this tutorial we'll show how to build performant, well-structured, and reusable web applications using zend-expressive. We'll show how to design and implement simple web applications, web APIs, and complex web architectures using dependency injection containers, routing systems, and template adapters.
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Rating: 5 of 5

13.May.2017 at 21:37 by Samuel (9 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Thank you very much Enrico for the very clean and simply great workshop.
Thank you

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