A Bug in Your Ear: Patching the People Side

Deb Nicholson (13.Jul.2017 at 09:15, 30 min)
Keynote at OpenWest Conference 2017 (English - US)

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You notice a bug (problem or opportunity for improvement) and then you put a bug (metaphorical insect) into someone's ear. Most people don't like bugs (actual insects) so have you successfully bugged (bothered) them or have you done A Good Thing? Open source is great and the people are great, but... we could still stand to fix a few things around here. So, when you find yourself with access to someone who could make things better for people who don't feel comfortable speaking up, how do you use this power in a way that contributes to real improvement without eclipsing other people's input? The best way to start a bug report is with a description of the expected or desired behavior. Filing great bug reports on the people side that leave you, your project and the wider community in a better place requires just a little additional finesse. Maybe you'll let me put a bug in your ear about it?

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