Microservices vs The Distributed Monolith

Christopher Riley (05.Nov.2017 at 11:00, 1 hr )
Talk at php Central Europe Conference 2017 (English - UK)

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When faced with a challenging legacy code base, tightly coupled and void of discernible structure: a big ball of mud, it is common to decide to refactor this monolith to a microservice architecture to separate concerns and split the codebase up, however without any clear boundaries you are in danger of creating a distributed big ball of mud.

You may recognise the symptoms of a distributed ball of mud: a large unfocused 'common' library shared between multiple services; performance issues as your front end makes calls to multiple back end API's to serve a single request; dependency hell on deployments as you have to release multiple code bases simultaneously and uptime issues as a single microservice going down brings down your entire application.

In this talk I'm going to cover some of the common pitfalls you might encounter when building a microservice architecture and show you how to use an event driven architecture to build truly scalable microservices.

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Rating: 5 of 5

05.Nov.2017 at 13:20 by Morten Bergset (36 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Christopher delivered a good talk, as always. My takes: a microservice can be large, must have thoughts on failure handling. I am better prepared to use microservices now. Thanks!

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