Why kubernetes can make our life easier? (Workshop)

Fernando Ripoll (07.Oct.2017 at 17:30, 1 hr 55 min)
Workshop at Software Craftsmanship Barcelona 2017 (English - UK)

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Kubernetes is an orchestration tool created by Google aiming to control containerized applications at the cluster level. People used to say the entry level is hard but I hope to demonstrate how you can build an application from scratch using good practices.

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Rating: 3 of 5

07.Oct.2017 at 22:53 by Matthias Brugger (3 comments)

I awaited it to be a hands-on workshop and not just a presentation.

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10.Oct.2017 at 07:00 by Judit (4 comments) via Web2 LIVE

It was not a workshop, it's fine to see coding life, but hard to follow if you don't know much about kubernetes

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