Hands-on Kubernetes with OpenShift

Grant Shipley (21.Apr.2018 at 16:15, 50 min)
Talk at Longhorn PHP Conference 2018 (English - US)

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Have you heard of Docker and Kubernetes and know the basic concepts, but want a deeper dive on how to use them for day to day developer work? In this talk you will learn how to deploy and manage applications using the open source OpenShift project to truly simplify your development flow. Diving a bit deeper, we will learn how to use the Source 2 Image project to automatically build and deploy docker images straight from source code. After that, we will take it up a notch by learning how to add databases and scale the application to achieve fast response times for your users. And just for giggles, we will also learn how to do A/B and Blue / Green deployments. This is a hands on talk where the presenter will be live coding with very little slideware.

For this session, it is highly recommended that you also attend the "Kubernetes for PHP Practitioners" session that covers the basics of Kubernetes that will be used for the hands on portion of this lab.

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