Deploying Microservice Applications In Kubernetes - Workshop

Travis Holton (06.Aug.2018 at 12:30, 3 hr )
Workshop at ScaleConf New Zealand 2018 (English - UK)

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Considering deploying your containerized application to production? Whether you are deploying to bare metal or a cloud VM, container orchestration frameworks can reduce the operational load of managing, updating and scaling your application. Kubernetes is a mature orchestration platform with over a decade of development behind it. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes. Learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster, deploy a containerized application and manage updates with rolling upgrades. (3-4 hrs)

Workshop Agenda:
- Introduction
Containerised Applications
Kubernetes background
- Bootstrapping Kubernetes Cluster
- Deploy containerized application
- Development Workflow
Update application
Rolling upgrade

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