Yak Free API Tip & Tricks You Can Use Right Now

Tim Lytle (14.Sep.2018 at 16:00, 25 min)
Talk at Cascadia PHP (English - US)

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API tools, services, and techniques abound, but in this 99% Yak-Shaving™ Free session, we'll focus on the ones that require little (or no) setup, and that you can be using before I stop talking.

Whether you're building or consuming APIs, there will be something for you. If you're new to APIs, you'll leave with a bunch of things you can use right now. If you've been doing this for a while, you'll probably see a new way to simplify something that's bugged you in the past.

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Rating: 5 of 5

14.Sep.2018 at 16:21 by Ian Littman (55 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Polished presentation, understandable despite going a mile per miinute, thanks to the pre-recorded presentation. I'm submitting this review mid-presentation because I'm confident that the awesomeness will only continue.

Rating: 5 of 5

14.Sep.2018 at 18:00 by Matthieu Napoli (67 comments) via Web2 LIVE

This was fast but worth it, and very clever to have the prerecorded "live coding"!

Rating: 5 of 5

15.Sep.2018 at 06:38 by Matt Trask (41 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Great talk that had a good pace to it. Tim did a great job on walking through some great tips to test APIs with a low barrier of entry.

Rating: 5 of 5

18.Sep.2018 at 09:01 by David T Mullins (16 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Great presentation.
Just getting into APIs and it gave me some overview.
Lots of fun, too.

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