Doing more with SSH

Corey Halpin (03.Nov.2018 at 14:30, 50 min)
Talk at Madison PHP Conference 2018 (English - US)

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SSH is an incredible Swiss-army chainsaw of secure networking. This talk presents a brief overview of how the SSH protocol works, including recommendations on how to configure SSH clients and servers for higher security. This incorporates a brief tutorial on how to create and use ssh keys for authentication, including the use of ssh-agent and agent forwarding so that password-protected keys can be used relatively painlessly. An overview of SSH's network tunneling features will be presented, including the use of static and dynamic port forwarding, jump hosts using a ProxyCommand, and light-weight VPNs with the ssh Tunnel feature. Discussion will also cover tools that can extend SSH's power like mosh (for interactive terminals on high-latency networks), sshuttle (a VPN when Tunnel won't work), and advanced-ssh-config (for simplifying the generation of complex .ssh/config files).

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Rating: 5 of 5

03.Nov.2018 at 17:24 by Hrushikesh Ghatpande (13 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Lots of information and insights! I liked how the safe vs unsafe methods were clearly shown. It’ll be a very good checklist to have.

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