Jenkins Automation

Toni Van de Voorde (26.Jan.2019 at 09:00, 1 hr )
Talk at PHPBenelux Conference 2019 (English - US)

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When you want to guarantee code quality, do continuous deployments or any other automation you will need a good continuous integration server.

While there are many great (hosted) solutions like TravisCi, CircleCi, etc … when it comes to **full control** or the need for private hosting, **Jenkins** is the right candidate. However, Jenkins could be known to be hard to learn and to configure. But what if you could automate all that complexity via some **easy scripting**? We are developers after all ;).

This talk will give you an introduction on how to automate the setup and the configuration of your CI whether you are still using the old fashion way (freestyle jobs) or the newer recommended way (Pipelines).

Some examples that will be covered:

– Auto setup jenkins with plugins, credentials, …
– Generate jobs per branch fetched directly for your VCS (Bitbucket, Github, …) (the old fashion way)
– Arrange your jobs in folders
– Make reusable DSL functions
– Using conditionals (e.g. master => should deploy if build successful)
– generate (multi branch) pipeline jobs with, optionally, fully integration with Bitbucket or Github

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Rating: 5 of 5

26.Jan.2019 at 10:00 by Randy Geraads (7 comments) via Web2 LIVE

I would not have guessed it was your first talk on a conference ever. It was really good

Rating: 4 of 5

28.Jan.2019 at 19:56 by Bert Van de Casteele (56 comments) via Web2 LIVE

A good talk overall, found it at times a bit hard to follow, but I'm sure the early morning hours had something to do with that :)

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