[UNCON] Haskell for PHP Developers

Marco Pivetta (25.Jan.2019 at 18:20, 30 min)
Talk at PHPBenelux Conference 2019 (English - UK)

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Rating: 4 of 5

26.Jan.2019 at 10:33 by David Buchmann (134 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Cool talk on an interesting topic. What i missed was a bit of discussion on pratical applicability of haskell. Would you use it for anything else than coding some mathematic problem? How would haskell code look on a real world thing?

Rating: 5 of 5

27.Jan.2019 at 09:47 by Niels van Esch (30 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Over 15 years ago I tried Haskell.

My main thought was..... Omgwtfbbq what is going on here!?!??

But now I got some explaination and a brand new insight in Haskell and now I’m like.... still omgwtfbbq??!!?

Ok haskell is appearently not for me, but the talk was good and fun. Learning other languages is just awesome! Even though I felt like a toddler learning quantum physics, it kept me entertained an interested!!

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