There is one more thing

Fabien Potencier (04.Mar.2011 at 17:30)
Keynote at Symfony Live 2011 - Paris (English - UK)

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There is one more thing

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Rating: 5 of 5

04.Mar.2011 at 18:07 by Christian Schaefer (35 comments)

motivating. funny. entertaining. just plain cool!

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05.Mar.2011 at 01:28 by Pierre Spring (21 comments)

This was a really nice ending keynote to a wonderful conference! The video might have been a wee bit long. But I am guessing that was intentional ;)

I love the new design and the idea of the distributions. Looking forward to the release of Symfony2!

Thank you Fabien!

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05.Mar.2011 at 11:20 by Stefan Koopmanschap (400 comments)

impressive keynote, very nice. I love it!

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05.Mar.2011 at 16:56 by Konstantin Kudryashov (11 comments)

Fully agree with @skoop

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05.Mar.2011 at 22:21 by cyril quintin (13 comments)

Agree with all : +"motivating. funny. entertaining" -"video length"

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06.Mar.2011 at 09:43 by Ronan Guilloux (33 comments)

[sight of relief] : This year, Sensio avoided any commercial, entreprise-ready & closed-source version of Symfony 2.

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06.Mar.2011 at 22:29 by Chris Sedlmayr (45 comments)

Interesting, entertaining and funny.
Nice vid of the new brand too!

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11.Mar.2011 at 23:39 by Jeremy Mikola (82 comments)

This absolutely made my day/week/month (esp. all of the community shout-outs ^_^). Very exciting, full of energy and the perfect closing note for the conference.

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