CLI, the other SAPI

Thijs Feryn (28.Oct.2011 at 14:45)
Talk at PHP Barcelona Conference 2011 (English - UK)

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CLI, the other SAPI

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Rating: 5 of 5

28.Oct.2011 at 15:34 by David Goodwin (69 comments) via api

Comprehensive coverage and well presented.

For me there wasn't much of interest until near the end - as I'd not used all the pcntl_ functions before.

Thank you.

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28.Oct.2011 at 16:53 by Dragan Dinic (6 comments)

I've been dealing with CLI since 2001 and you covered pretty much everything I could think of.

Param I mention at the end of your talk was -w ... Stripping out comments so you can do something like:

php -w file.php > file_no_comments.php

Might be usefull if you have tons of phpdocs stuff and believe in myths that comments slow parsing down :)

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28.Oct.2011 at 17:29 by Florian Anderiasch (1 comments)

A good overview, pcntl and signalling stuff was explained very well.

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28.Oct.2011 at 18:20 by Giorgio Sironi (75 comments)

I like the speaking skills and the coverage of the CLI features was really complete.

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