HTML5 for PHP developers

Andrew Betts (25.Feb.2012 at 14:50)
Talk at PHP UK Conference 2012 (English - UK)

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HTML5 for PHP developers

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Rating: 5 of 5

25.Feb.2012 at 15:34 by Ian Barber (91 comments)

Really good content and advice, with a lot of real world experience backing it up. Confident delivery and clear slides. Only disappointment was lack of wormr :)

Rating: 5 of 5

25.Feb.2012 at 20:34 by Chris Yallop (26 comments) via api

It was great to see a talk of how HTML 5 is being used in production and especially so with mobile. It was good to hear about the issues you've discovered and how you've gone about dealing with these. I learnt a lot and it's all been food for thought.

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26.Feb.2012 at 18:24 by Daniel André Eikeland (9 comments)

Easily one of my favourite talks this year. Well presented and confident speaker with a lot of real life knowledge on the subject, and it showed.

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26.Feb.2012 at 18:28 by James Dunmore (84 comments)


Sorry for my fluffed question (asking does your front end site use the API internally or via a SOAP/REST interface!).

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29.Feb.2012 at 19:30 by Lorna Mitchell (74 comments)

Great talk, and some excellent real-world stories to tell. The presenter was clear and easy to understand, injected a mix of humour and very technical information, and handled questions very nicely. The topic wasn't quite what I was expecting as it was very much at an architecture level, but I work mostly with APIs and loved seeing how this application had been put together.

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04.Mar.2012 at 20:39 by Andrea (1 comments)

Agree. Great talk.

Does anyone know where i can find the slides?


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