Building Your Software Development A-Team

Keith Casey (29.Feb.2012 at 14:30)
Talk at ConFoo 2012 (English - UK)

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Building Your Software Development A-Team

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Rating: 5 of 5

29.Feb.2012 at 15:11 by John Kary (80 comments)

Great enthusiastic talk with accurate analogies!

Rating: 5 of 5

29.Feb.2012 at 15:24 by Claude Cardinal (8 comments)

Loved the comparaison with the A-Team. It gives a great insight of the type of people you need on a team. Great presentation.
By the way thanks a lot! now I got the urge to watch the A-Team! ;-)

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29.Feb.2012 at 20:33 by Eric Hogue (181 comments)

Great talk, very entertaining. Nice way to categorize the different kind of people you can get on a team. I would had like a little more on how to recruit them.

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01.Mar.2012 at 01:12 by Peter Meth (19 comments)

Keith certainly did a great job of relating the A-Team to development teams. Man ... I can't believe the crap that we used to watch on tv.

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01.Mar.2012 at 21:38 by Felix-Etienne Trepanier (15 comments)

Very entertaining!!! Probably the funiest talk at confoo. There was some very interesting analogies covered.

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02.Mar.2012 at 21:08 by Mathieu Godon (11 comments)

So funny! And so true! Good job!

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02.Mar.2012 at 21:47 by JavaScript Montreal (13 comments)

It was entertaining and funny, but I have to say that there were times where the analogy was wearing a little thin... Faceman doing the hiring??? WAT. That's a recipe for disaster, in real life.

Maybe the idea that team members can be a mix of those stereotypes (that's really what the are) can be discussed also. There's a continuum of personalities between a Baracus and a Murdock.

But all in all it was good fun and another filter through which one can look at software teams.

Rating: 5 of 5

04.Mar.2012 at 13:49 by Guilherme Blanco (28 comments)

I finally found myself what everybody tell me... I'm Murdock. \o/
Despite some very few kind of hard to grasp roles (like Faceman hiring, someone mentioned before), it is a good recipe of how you should envision your team and what to expect when hiring people.
Some of the roles could be played by not only one, but multiple players or even a single person on A-team could represent multiple people in your team.

Anyway, I spoke too much and forgot to evaluate the talk. It was a great presentation, one of the best I saw at ConFoo... you truly deserve 5 stars.

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