Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications

Vance Lucas (08.Jun.2012 at 15:45)
Talk at Dutch Mobile Conference 2012 (English - US)

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Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications

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08.Jun.2012 at 16:55 by Werner Keil (7 comments) via api

I'll give just 4 stars here because i18n like currencies were not taken into consideration. Otherwise a great talk.

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09.Jun.2012 at 01:00 by Anonymous

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09.Jun.2012 at 11:45 by Vance Lucas (8 comments)

@Werner Keil - The app was a demo app I built specifically for the presentation. I simply didn't have time to do everything I wanted to do, so I had to settle for simple string translation to demo how you can provide i18n support via the API. The whole purpose was simply to demonstrate how you might use a Hypermedia API to drive the entire app, not to be a fully robust and finished app.

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10.Jun.2012 at 21:57 by Anonymous

Would like to see the slides of this presentation

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11.Jun.2012 at 11:43 by Adina (12 comments)

Very interesting. Would like to get the slides and maybe be able to play with that small app some more.
Twinkie FTW

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11.Jun.2012 at 21:36 by Vance Lucas (8 comments)

@Adina -

The GitHub projects are linked from the demo slide in my presentation. The links are:


Titanium Mobile App:

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