To SQL or No(t)SQL

Jeroen van Dijk (05.Sep.2012 at 20:45)
Talk at PHPBenelux UG meeting September 5th - White, Valkenswaard (English - US)

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To SQL or No(t)SQL

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Rating: 5 of 5

05.Sep.2012 at 22:02 by Michelangelo van Dam (313 comments)

Zeer goeie talk en zeker een krachtig verhaal. Super gebracht!!! Fantastisch

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06.Sep.2012 at 00:32 by Anonymous

Very interesting talk! Got a good overview of the current NoSQL landscape and what each type of solution could be used for. Well brought as well.

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06.Sep.2012 at 09:57 by Onno Schutze (2 comments)

Mooi verhaal! Leerzaam en stimuleert echt om er zelf eens wat verder in te duiken.

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