Test Driven Design

Jason E. Sweat (25.Sep.2009 at 18:00)
Talk at CodeWorks 2009 (Dallas) (English - US)

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Test Driven Design

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Rating: 5 of 5

27.Sep.2009 at 09:57 by Mable Flickinger (3 comments)

Definitely enjoyed the live example. It made things really sink in a lot better than simply looking at slides would do. Can't wait to try some of this stuff out in my own projects.

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27.Sep.2009 at 23:20 by Ville Walveranta (4 comments)

For me this was a good intro to unit testing. Some of the content went over my head, but enough stuck so that when I fire up SimpleTest or PHPUnit, the information I learned from the talk will certainly come handy.

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29.Sep.2009 at 22:11 by Vance Lucas (8 comments)

I enjoyed this tutorial session very much. I followed along during the live coding session and was able to write unit tests immediately for my own project. Jason demonstrated a deep level of knowledge about unit testing and was a great presenter overall.

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